Monday, December 13, 2021

Freedom of Choice

Somewhere lost between the insanity of food addiction or imprisoned to abstinence, is there freedom from overeating?


Without abstinence from our food addiction we are bound by the secrecies of binging, purging, hiding food and secretly eating but in abstinence we feel overly restricted, caged within boundaries of certain foods that long to be set free.


I think we find balance in a food plan that allows us any choice of food.  We have to tailor a plan that releases us from restrictions yet sets boundaries to help prevent overeating.  It is our goal then, to learn and grow, to train ourselves, teach our mind and body that there is a balance between food addiction and abstinence; a well-designed food plan can provide structure and keep us accountable.


But what about the chemical and psychological pieces of food addiction, can a food plan alone deal with those strong influences?  In conjunction with a food plan we need support.  The support of others where we can share our feelings, relate to others stories and begin to pave new paths in thinking about how we’ve used food for so many things other than nutrition. Support to explore some of our deepest secrets that keep us captive to food addiction psychologically and be able to bring those fears forward and release them forever.


Let’s not forget about ongoing education.  Educating ourselves in new ways of thinking, what we have believed about food has not worked for use in the past so now is the time with the structure of a food plan and the support of a group or individual that we release old ways of thinking and onboard new educational information.


Somewhere between lost in food addiction and the imprisonment of abstinence is a life we can claim but we will have to be open to change, remain supported, and be dedicated to a sound food plan.


When we falter we RESET and move FORWARD. 

Steve Colbeth


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