Tuesday, October 26, 2021

We Carry The Message Not The Body

“We share experience, strength and hope with each other’s.  What we don’t do, and should not do, is share one another’s burdens, whether financial or emotional.” – One Day at a Time/Al-Anon


Are you the “rescuer” who drops your own personal responsibilities to come to the aid of another?   It is very noble to consider others but you must care for yourself first.  Not that your life has to be in complete order for you to help others but there has to be balance in making sure your side of the street is clear before you cross to the other side to help another.


Are you overly invested in others?  Do you absorb yourself in caring for others to the point you aren’t caring for yourself?  We carry the message; experience, hope & strength, from the countless others who have come before us on our journey to better health, we never carry anything more.


Putting yourself first in assessing your needs is a very important part of our food, mind, body health. 



Steve Colbeth