Thursday, June 17, 2021

Making Amends

Making amends. What is making amends anyway? One definition is to correct a mistake that created a bad situation. When we make amends it is not simply to say I'm sorry or apologizing. Instead we attempting to correct a mistake that created a bad situation. Most often this begins by embracing a complete change of attitude and behavior. Our amends are valid even if the other person does not respond. In making amends, we change our thinking from the path we were on that caused a shatter in the relationship. In this way we are able to purge ourselves of guilt and negative feelings. Forgiveness does not mean we lost the fight, it doesn't mean we agree with what happened, it is not saying we will forget what was said or done, but it IS the action of letting it go and moving forward.


Steve Colbeth


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Dieting vs Lifestyle

This isn’t not my first time losing weight.  I’ve been dieting all my life, I’ve lost hundreds of pounds but when the diet ended the weight returned. This time I’m not dieting, I’m fighting that “diet” mentality and replacing it with the question, “Can I do this way of eating forever?”  The answer for today is, YES I CAN!  I can live this new lifestyle of eating reasonable, healthy, best choices and strive for doing even better at my next meal.  What happens if I make a poor choice?  Each moment of my new way of living allows me to make the food best choices I can, if in a moment I make a choice that is considered poor maybe it’s because it’s the best I could do at that moment.  But does that mean I quit and go back to my old ways?  Of course not!  Each moment I choose to be better, do better, live better… that is MY choice – food has no power in gratitude!  In dieting I felt restricted, deprived, angry, different, and depressed.  In my new way of living I’m eating foods that feed my body and are nutritionally sound.  These choices make my body feel better and in that space I don’t need to overeat to get my “feel good fix”.  Eating and living life is full of ups and downs and so is my new way of living.  In the end, making the best food choices will result in weight loss, and allow me to live happier and healthier for today.


Steve Colbeth



Thursday, May 13, 2021

If I Quit Now


If I quit now…. I WILL be back where I started.  I’m so grateful for where I am at in my journey.  Even though the path is filled with peaks and valleys it wasn’t long ago I was back at the beginning and desperately wishing to be where I am today.


Living life happier and healthier for today!


Steve Colbeth




Saturday, May 1, 2021

What's The Real Price?


Every bite, every lick, every taste, it has a price doesn’t it?  Maybe your are calorie counting to keep your weight under control, have you considered adding up your bites, tastes and licks?  If so, you know that these mindless food portions add up and sometimes quickly!

Do you finish your kids plates, consume the last of something in a pan, have a sample or two while out shopping, taste a spoonful of what you are cooking, what is the real price of these seemingly harmless portions of food?

 We often start out strong on our journey to eat healthier, to rid ourselves of unwanted pounds, and our diligence and hard work begin to show on the scale, and then we begin to discover something even greater, those non-scale rewards!

 It’s awesome to see the numbers decrease when you step on the scale and even better are the non-scale rewards: fitting into clothing, being able to move easier in your body, health check-ups with positive outcomes, sitting in a movie theater seat and fitting!  All of these non-scale rewards are victories in our journey to becoming happier and healthier for today.

 So what is the real price we pay for these bites, licks, and tastes, the little portions of leftovers we consume?  If we are tracking our food honestly we know there is a price for everything that goes in our mouths so now lets consider that when we go about our day and dip our finger in the cookie dough batter… what is the real price of that finger lick?  What non-scale reward will I be giving up for those uncounted calories, my health, my new clothing size, all the hard work I’ve done to become better, is it worth it? 

 Each of us has to decide with every bite we take what the real price is for eating the foods we eat, the portions we consume, and how it affects our outcomes and goals.

 Today I will consider all the bites, licks, and tastes, the unused portions of food, everything that crosses my lips and weigh that to the benefits I gain from sticking to healthy living.  For today I choose to live happier and healthier!




Friday, April 9, 2021

Ideas For A Spring Table

 Here's some great ideas for a spring table.  Fruit basket, melon bowls, tomato cups with cottage cheese.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Storage Bag Holders

These storage bag holders are a life-saver during food prep! You can find a link to order them for yourself on our
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